School of Tease Burlesque School

Bonita Danger Doll opened her doors to her “School of Tease – Burlesque School” in 2013, since then she has been helping women and men all over New Zealand to bring out their confidence in a safe and supportive environment.

With a mission to build up confidence in themselves, to release inner spirit animal and have a whole lot of fun in the process!

From learning to walk in heels more confidently and improving posture and poise, to learning how to tastefully striptease and to perform in shows, there is lots to be learned at Bonita’s School of Tease.

Classes are fun and supportive, for participants over 18 years of age. All fitness levels, all body types, no experience necessary! 

  • Gain confidence 
  • Meet new fabulous people
  • Super supportive & caring environment 
  • No dance experience necessary
  • Be involved in fabulous things! 
  • Loads of fabulous giggles & fun 
  • Safe space
  • Female only classes are available as well as male-only classes 
  • Performance opportunities available for Rookie showcases and events

    Available Courses

    Body Confidence
    Fishnet Follies Beginners Burlesque
    Bombshells Intermediate Burlesque
    Silk Fan Dancing
    Feather Fan Dancing
    Rock your Body - Rock Themed Burlesque
    Boa Tease
    Tassel Twirling
    Release your Inner Temptress
    Cabaret & Burlesque Chair Dancing
    Stage Presence
    Boylesque - Coming Soon!

    Upcoming Course Dates

    Upcoming Courses

    I have some exciting news to share soon!

    New course curriculum is COMING SOON!


    Christchurch, New Zealand



    Private Lessons

    Private lessons with Bonita are available for anyone who wishes to build confidence, learn how to walk confidently in heels, for performer act development, to learn a routine or striptease for a loved one, and more!

    If you have something specific in mind that you would like assistance with, please contact to discuss.

    Sessions are conducted at a private studio in Christchurch.

    1 Hour Private Lesson - $80

    90 Minute Private Lesson - $100

    2 Hour Small Group (min 4) - $80 per person

    Student Testimonial - Gemma Keene

    Bonita is absolutely inspiring and a supportive mentor and teacher. I have been attending her classes over the past two years, and she is just incredible. Through her classes I have learnt so much, not only about the art of Burlesque, but more importantly, about how to unlock the confidence and self-love that we all need.

    Student Testimonial - Karolyn Jules

    I'll be honest, I was intimidated when I first started Burlesque classes: scared of seeing myself in the mirror, of dancing among beautiful women.. but with Bonita's support and encouragement, I instantly felt part of the Burlesque group. Her courses are much more than just dancing; they're about self-love, encouragement, passion, strength, and most of all support for one another. I have done the Body Confidence class in end of 2016, and started the Intermediate class. I will be continuing the Intermediate class in 2017 and will also be doing other performances with Bonita's help.

    The School of Tease has really taught me to embrace who you are and feel confident, both physically and mentally. Oh, and seeing as she's a social media queen, it's nice knowing that you can communicate with her even outside of courses, and she'll always be there for support. So thank you for the opportunities I've had and the many more that will come!

    Student Testimonial - Hannah Komatsu

    After spending a year under Bonita's guidance I can say I truly feel blessed to know this woman. She has been such a positive role model not just as a performer but as a woman and a leader. I have been struck by her acceptance and commitment of others. The positive messages of living a full and loving life, not just to others but also for yourself. I have seen her commitment to people who are going through hard times, and have experience her caring nature personally. Through her classes I have grown not just as a performer but also in my acceptance of myself and others. Thank you Bonita, I am eternally grateful. 

    Student Testimonial - Sharlene Goodwin

    Had a blast today being taught Burlesque Chair Dancing by the lovely Bonita. She is a natural born teacher and so supportive. Her positive body image messages resonate and help push away the insecurities that you might carry. A fun time with fun, sexy moves, lots of laughs and a fabulous time. I highly recommend. I will definitely be signing up to a Bonita class the next time I have an opportunity to. Thank you so much!