Burlesque & Aerial Showgirl

Miss Bonita Danger Doll is a femme fatale hailing from the shaky city of Christchurch, New Zealand.

Dubbed as New Zealand’s “Queen of the Classic”, Bonita Danger Doll is “Aphrodite in fishnets”. She has been shimmying, shaking and ground-breaking since 2010.

An accomplished and award winning Internationally travelled showgirl, and a powerhouse in the New Zealand burlesque scene, based in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Classic and timeless glamour, with elegant poise, grace, with a twist of raw feminine sensuality and danger!

The one and only Bonita Danger Doll has an impressive array of skills and talents which she uses to entertain and wow her audiences. Incorporating old Hollywood glamour and classy cabaret entertainment to her routines, ballet-like grace, sultry eyes and killer curves! Bonita Danger Doll is immaculately presented from top to toe, with beautiful costuming and accessories.

Her variety of acts will keep you wowed and entertained, 'from performing in her very own full-sized champagne martini class (dripping in over 19000 rhinestones), beautiful ostrich feather fan dancing, risqué fetish, fire fans & fire tassels, cabaret chair routines, classic striptease, singing, aerial lyra hoop and lollipop lyra/pole routines, through to family-friendly non-reveal acts.

Burlesque is sassy yet sophisticated and epitomises the glamour of the 1940's pin-ups, with the emphasis on the tease in strip-tease!

The Danger side comes from her love of fast cars, fast bikes, and adventure!

Signature Acts

From cute and flirty, sassy and sexy, mild to the very wild, Bonita Danger Doll has a show-stopping act to suit your event and audience! Corporate events, fashion shows, birthdays, nightclub events, special occasions, parties, product launches, festivals, concerts, theatre, film, television, charity events, variety shows and even weddings! The options are endless! Burlesque and cabaret are the hottest and cheekiest themed entertainment!

"Aphrodite in fishnets" brings fantasy, star-studded glamour, beauty and the art of the tease to life!

Diamonds & Champagne

Length: 6.35 mins

Costuming & Props: Full sized champagne glass, covered in over 19,000 rhinestones. White satin and crystals dripping from head to toe!

Music: High energy! Diamonds are girls’ best friend after all!

Type of act: Only act of its kind in New Zealand. Full burlesque reveal, splashing good fun!

Fire Starter

Length: 4.40 mins

Costuming & Props: Red velvet cape, red mesh dress, fire fans & fire tassels. Paying homage to the original fire queen - Satan's Angel. 

Music: High energy rock.

Type of act: On fire! Full burlesque reveal. 

Visions of Empathy

Length: 5.10 mins

Costuming & Props: Extra-large plum feather fans (waterfall fans) and a skin-toned bodysuit dripping in rhinestones.

Music: A beautiful twist on the sound of silence, deep and emotive. 

Type of Act:  Visions of Empathy is a beautiful non-reveal feather fan act.


Length: 6.42 mins

Costuming & Props: Pheasant feather fans, black & teal feather costume.

Music: Mix of soft and gentle and then high energy dance track

Type of act: Burlesque feather fan reveal routine, or can be done with a non-reveal ending.

Naughty Girl

Length: 6.42 mins 

Costuming & Props: Black & silver sequined costume with waistcoat, corset, bra & knickers, with white shirt. Cabaret chair prop. 

Music: Mix of three tracks, starting slow and building up to the end.

Type of Act: Burlesque chair routine, reveal, finishing with a surprize.

Love is A

Length: 5.08 mins 

Costuming & Props: White satin robe, white pearl bodysuit & large ostrich feather fans. 

Music: Starting off emotive and sensual with a modern feel.

Type of Act: Burlesque feather fan reveal routine.

Sweet Dreams

Length: 5.19 mins

Costuming & Props: Green & Black vixen in 8" sky high fetish boots.

Music: Dark remix of the Eurythmics classic "Sweet Dreams".

Type of Act: Dark, domniant & fetish style with full burlesque reveal.


Length: 7.00 mins

Costuming & Props: Decadent & divine dusky grey D'lish robe, rhinestone dripping lingerie & the biggest and most devine king size boa you have ever seen. 

Music: Classic Burlesque Jazz.

Type of Act: Classic Tease reveal.

Good Girl Pop

Length: 5.09 mins

Costuming & Props: Red & black lingerie, wrapped up in balloons.

Music: High energy cuteness followed by slowed down tease.

Type of act: Fun, flirty, audience participation, reveal routine.

Bright Lights

Length: 5.25 mins

Costuming & Props: Feast your eyes on a 4-meter hot pink ostrich feather boa, hot pink satin & rhinestoned costume.

Music: Rock.

Type of act: Sexed-up burlesque striptease reveal.

Shimmy Shakedown

Length: 5.45

Costuming & Props: Black sequin jacket, pink & black fringe dress, fringe skirt, nipple tassels and spinning assles! 

Music: Jazz remixes of two current pop songs.

Type of act: Slow and sensual burner to start with, revving up to a high energy shimmy shakedown. Full burlesque  reveal. A real crowd pleaser! 


Length: 4.53 mins
Costuming & Props: Butterfly inspired fuchsia pink costuming with large butterfly headpiece and oversized wings. I require a large stage for this act.

Music: Classical.

Type of act: Beautiful, slow and mesmerising reveal act.


Length: 3.00 mins

Costuming & Props: Greek goddess, toga, dress, leotard with half side reveal. Hoop is decorated with flowers. 

Music: Modern Violin / Dubstep remix. 

Type of act: Aerial Lyra Hoop.

Swedish Love Affair

Length: 3.49 mins 

Costuming & Props: Regal purple robe & gold bikini. Aerial heart shaped lyra with LED lighting, colour changes coordinted to the music. 

Music: Dance track by Swedish DJ Avicii, remix of classic "Feeling Good".

Type of Act: Aerial Lyra Heart.


Length: 2.38 mins

Costuming: Silver leotard, dripping in rhinestones, dove grey king size boa.

Music: A beautiful acoustic cover of the Britney Spears classic - Toxic. 

Type of act: Aerial Lyra Hoop.

Peacock Eyes

Length: Options available 

Costuming & Props: Dove grey ostrich feather and peacock feather fans and a custom made silver sequin gown. 

Music: Options available to suit event

Type of act: Classic feather fan act, non reveal. 


Length: 5.30 mins

Costuming & Props: Police swat combat outfit, equipped with a super soaker water gun! Stand clear!

Music: Mission Impossible meets Top Gun.

Type of act: High energy boss bitch, reveal, not for the faint-hearted!

Saloon Dirty

Length: 6.35 mins

Costuming & Props: Victorian Western-themed costuming, oversized hat and rose bathtub for a bit of splish splash!

Music: Western standoff meets rock & roll.

Type of act: Turn back time to an old fashion saloon where men were tough, and the women were tougher! Reveal with bathtub ending.


Length: 4.30 mins

Costuming & Props: Ballet Barre, dramatic dove grey mesh & feather robe, sequin harness.

Music: Emotive modern love song.

Type of act: Love story, reveal
"Every piece of me aches for you.....Amour"


Length: 5.03 mins 

Costuming & Props: Cow print cowgirl outfit, rhinestoned, black shirt & chap boots. Small kids size hobby horse prop. 

Music: Remix of Pony by Rihanna.

Type of Act: Fun & silly burlesque with full reveal.


Length: 8.50 mins

Costuming & Props: Feather boa, leopard dress, black & gold lingerie and feather jacket.

Music: Three-part music transition, classic jazz right through to guns & roses.

Type of act: Feline with attitude, reveal routine….Meow!


Length: 6.13 mins

Costuming & Props: Ballet Barre, chains, boots, fishnets & leather!

Music: Explicit Rock.

Type of act: Not for the faint-hearted. Sexed up striptease....very bad kitty!

All That Jazz

Length: 5.02 mins

Costuming & Props: Cabaret chair, pink & black fringe dress with matching fringe gloves. 

Music: All That Jazz from the movie Chicago.

Type of Act: Cabaret chair act with tease reveal. 

Big Drums

Length: 5.33 mins

Costuming & Props: Cabaret chair, black & sequin tuxedo costume.

Music: Jazz style.

Type of act: Burlesque chair routine, reveal, finishing with a champagne pour.

Crazy in Love

Length: 5.07 mins

Costuming & Props: Cabaret chair, black leotard, skirt & lace train.

Music: Emotive.

Type of act: Cabaret chair routine, non-reveal.

Scarlet in Pearls

Length: 7.05 mins

Costuming & Props: Blue velvet cloak, white turkey feather boa, white chiffon, satin, rhinestones & pearl detailed costume, elaborate pearl neckpiece & large white ostrich fans.

Music: Classic burlesque jazz.

Type of act: Classic tease reveal.

A Little Party

In development - enqire for more information.

Costuming & Props: Teal & black unitard, large teal skirt. Lollipop Lyra  Pole Apparatus.  

Music: "A Little Party" from "The Great Gatsby"

Aerial Lollipop Lyra free standing Pole & Lyra, high energy. 

Showgirl, Fire & Aerial Rates

Rates for Private and Corporate Events:

Burlesque / Cabaret
Single performance $350 excl GST*

Burlesque / Cabaret
Two performances $600 excl GST*

Fire Performance additional
$250 excl GST* on top of base rates

Aerial Lyra (Hoop) Performance
Single Performance from $800 excl GST*
Rigging/Safety/Crew additional if required. 

Aerial Lyra Lollipop Performance
(Freestanding Hoop & Pole Apparatus)
Single Performance $900 excl GST*
Price includes setup time before event for the apparatus and pack out time at the end of the night or next day.


Additional services that can be added on:

Roving in full costume, posing for photos and mingling with guests to create atmosphere. $150 excl GST* per hour

Fire freestyle roving or scene setting at an event from $800 excl GST* per hour

2 x 20 min aerial installations / ambience setting/champagne service, play & posing inside the Lyra Hoop. $700 excl GST*

Champagne Martini:

Show stopping! Deluxe Champagne Martini performance in Bonita's custom built champagne glass, covered in over 19,000 rhinestones.

$800 excl GST*

Price includes setup time before event and pack out time at the end of the night or next day.


Additional services that can be added on:

2 x 20 min slots of champagne service / play and poses from inside the champagne martini glass $150 excl GST*

Roving in full costume, posing for photos and mingling with guests to create atmosphere. $150 excl GST* per hour


Want more?! Looking for something out of the box, over the top fabulous, unforgettable and customised to your brand, business and event?

Contact me with your ideas and we can discuss a bespoke package that you and your guests will be talking about in years to come!

The success of your event is of paramount importance and each of Bonita's performances can be tailored to your specific requirements.

Travel, Accommodation, Terms and Conditions:

Bonita Danger Doll is available for NZ and international bookings. Travel, props relocation and accommodation additional for events outside of the Christchurch, NZ region. POA

A non-refundable deposit of 50% may be required to confirm the booking. Balance payable as per terms & conditions unless otherwise negotiated. GST invoice provided.

Balance to be paid no later than two weeks prior to the event unless otherwise arranged. Failure to pay remaining fee in agreed timeframe will result in a loss of booking and deposit made.  

Cancellation of the booking within the two weeks prior to the event will be non-refundable with payments made forfeited and any outstanding payments still required. Bonita Danger Doll reserves the right to lodge any overdue payments with a collections agency.

By making a booking you agree to these terms and conditions.

New Zealand Theatre Review

Danger Doll's routine was by far the most impressive, flawlessly rehearsed and in a pearl draped costume so beautiful that it seemed a shame to remove. She manoeuvred ostrich feather fans with ballet-like grace to close the story.

Jacqui Le Prou Samson - Calendar Girls New Zealand

Bonita is such a pleasure to work with. Her shows are well put together, everything from music to costume and routine. She is an all round showgirl, very rare in NZ. She is definitely on international standards. It's a pleasure to watch.

Emma Brankin, Fox & Ferret Christchurch

We've used Bonita for events at Fox and Ferret several times and can't recommend her enough! She brings enthusiasm, professionalism and a lot of fun to everything she does with us and we love having her input and advice. Life's truly easier having such a pro hostess pulling everything together seamlessly!

Wellington Reviews From Carousel Cabaret

Miss Bonita Danger Doll from Christchurch - three words came to mind when watching her: beautiful, graceful, smooth. Stunning woman who had the audience hooked with boas, glitter in gloves and feather fans. She did all of her moves so smoothly it almost looked effortless. Wonderful start to the performances.

What is Burlesque?

Burlesque literally means to ‘mock’ or to parody and is an extremely ‘old’ form of variety entertainment popularised in the 1800s but can be found throughout history. Clubs and theatres often had raunchy ‘variety shows’ that were very popular from about the 1840s to the 1940s. Hollywood, in the Golden Era, even tried to recapture or recreate ‘burlesque’ in film that would include elements of vaudeville, comedy, dance and ‘tease’. During the 1940s to 1960s striptease performers such as Gypsy Rose Lee, Tempest Storm, Jennie Lee, Dixie Evans, Lily St Cyr, Evelyn West and so many more embodied the essence of ‘striptease’. 

Neo burlesque or modern burlesque was popularised again in the early 90s in the USA and is still extremely popular worldwide. It generally involves ‘striptease’, which consists of the tasteful removal of garments to a final reveal, but can include elements of slapstick, vaudeville, circus, cabaret, boylesque, queer performance art and so much more. In most cases it does not involve full frontal nudity but is more about capturing the ‘Art of Tease’ in its true essence.  There are now Burlesque Festivals, Productions and Conferences all around the world celebrating ‘burlesque’!

It is an exciting time for performers and audiences!!

Burlesque is for men and women alike who are looking for a great night of entertainment!!!

Awards and Accolades

Best Burlesque Performer - Australian Adult Awards 2023
Best Female Stripper - Australian Adult Awards 2023
Alpha Female Industry Leader - Australian Adult Awards 2023
Best Hens Party Entertainment - Australian Adult Awards 2023
Industry Ambassador - Australian Adult Awards 2023
Favorite Mentor - Golden Garters Industry Awards 2019
Favorite Pasties - Golden Garters Industry Awards 2019
Best Derriere - Golden Garters Industry Awards 20192nd Place - Miss Lyra New Zealand - Amateur (Aerial Hoop) 2019
Tease Alert (Biggest Tease Award) - Press Play Improv Burlesque 2018
Peoples Choice - Golden Garters Industry Awards 2017
Best Boobs - Golden Garters Industry Awards 2017 MacGyver Award (Most Prepared) - Golden Garters Industry Awards 2015
Best Derriere - Golden Garters Industry Awards 2014
The Show Floozy Award - Golden Garters Industry Awards 2014
MacGyver Award (Most Prepared) - Golden Garters Industry Awards 2014
Favourite Producer (along with Ruby Ruin for Tease & Trouble Productions) at the Golden Garters Industry Awards 2014
Best Costume - Golden Garters Industry Awards 2013
MacGyver Award - Golden Garters Industry Awards 2013
Show Floozy - Golden Garters Industry Award 2013
1st Place - Stripper Showdown (Burlesque Edition) 2013
2nd Runner Up - Miss Burlesque New Zealand 2013
Peoples Choice - Miss Burlesque New Zealand 2013
Best Costume - Miss Burlesque New Zealand 2013
Pin-Up of the Week (Great NZ Pin UP) - September 2010
Pin-Up of the Week (Great NZ Pin UP) - March 2011
Pin-Up of the Week (Great NZ Pin UP) - August 2011
"Miss Congeniality" - Miss Burlesque New Zealand 2011 - Grand Final
"Miss Christchurch" - Miss Burlesque New Zealand 2011 - Along with Ruby Ruin
Miss July - Living Dolls Calendar 2011
Black Betty's Boudoir - Model Search Winner 2011
Miss July - SirenZ Tattooed Beauties Calendar 2012
Pin-Up of the Week (Great NZ Pin UP) - August 2012
Rabid Search Winner (Rabid Magazine) - September 2012