Speakeasy Burlesque Club - Thursday 18th March 2021 - VIP Booth Seating (up to 6 guests)

Speakeasy Burlesque Club - Thursday 18th March 2021 - VIP Booth Seating (up to 6 guests)

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Bonita Danger Doll & Boo Radley's Presents - The Speakeasy Burlesque Club No 18!

Upstairs on Victoria Street inside Boo Radley's, lurks a world of stockings, feathers, and fabulousness with fan-dancing divas, tantalizing tassel-twirlers, cabaret and circus glitterati and everything in between in a gin-soaked fabulous live show performed in an intimate cabaret setting.

Come and see this titillating late-night show on Thursday 18th March 2021.

Bonita Danger Doll
Rachel Atlas (Emcee)
Angelah Rose
The Lindy Hoppers Delight
Nicole Gleeson-Jones
Lindy Hoppers Delight
Kieran Craig Growcott

Tickets: https://dangerdoll.co.nz/collections/events

VIP BOOTH (up to 6 guests)
(includes $10 booking & online transaction fee) $190.00
- 3 available
VIP TABLE (up to 4 guests) $130.00
(Includes $10 booking & online transaction fee)
- 6 available
VIP TABLE (up to 2 guests) $65.00
(Includes $10 booking & online transaction fee)
- 1 available
VIP LEANER (up to two guests) $65.00
(Includes $5 booking & online transaction fee) – 4 available
GENERAL ADMISSION (singular seats at the bar) $28
Includes $3 booking & online transaction fee)
- 8 available

Book in for dinner or cocktails from 5pm!
The show is scheduled to start at 8 pm!! PLEASE DON'T BE LATE as this holds up the start of the show!!
If you are planning to dine before the show, please arrive early as all food needs to be served before the show starts
Call 03-366 9906 or Email info@booradleys.co.nz to let them know you are coming in for food and drinks beforehand

R 18 - Adult Themes

What is Burlesque?
Burlesque literally means to ‘mock’ or to parody and is an extremely ‘old’ form of variety entertainment popularised in the 1800s but can be found throughout history. Clubs and theatres often had raunchy ‘variety shows’ that were very popular from about the 1840s to the 1940s.

Hollywood, in the Golden Era, even tried to recapture or recreate ‘burlesque’ in the film that would include elements of vaudeville, comedy, dance, and ‘tease’.

During the 1940s to 1960s striptease performers such as Gypsy Rose Lee, Tempest Storm, Jennie Lee, Dixie Evans, Lily St Cyr, Evelyn West and so many more embodied the essence of ‘striptease’.

Neo burlesque or modern burlesque was popularised again in the early 90s in the USA and is still extremely popular worldwide. It generally involves ‘striptease’, which consists of the tasteful removal of garments to a final reveal, but can include elements of slapstick, vaudeville, circus, cabaret, boylesque, queer performance art and so much more. In most cases, it does not involve full frontal nudity but is more about capturing the ‘Art of Tease’ in its true essence.

There are now Burlesque Festivals, Productions, and Conferences all around the world celebrating ‘burlesque’!

It is an exciting time for performers and audiences.
Burlesque is for men and women alike who are looking for a great night of entertainment

**Please note - No photography of the performers from personal devices**
**Stage lighting is used for this show, please be aware as these may affect people with photosensitive epilepsy**

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